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Fishriver Canyon

The Fish River Canyon is a geological highlight in the far south of the country. With its 160 km length, up to 27 km width and 550 metres depth the canyon is amongst the largest worldwide.

The vast, ragged valley was mainly formed by erosional activities of the Fish River. Amazing views and photographic motives can be enjoyed from several view points along the brim. The most picturesque part is situated within a seemingly endless semi-desert landscape and stretches over 60 km from the main view point at Hobas to the thermal springs of AiAis.

In 1969 the Fish River Canyon was declared a nature conservation area. For day visitors the Canyon is open daily from 6.00 am to 5:30 pm.

From the entrance at Hobas it is another 10 kilometres to the main view point at the Fish River Canyon. Hikes into the canyon can only be conducted with special permission from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

In the vicinity of the main view point at Hobas several lodges from the Gondwana Collection are found; on the western side of the canyon, directly at the edge of the gorge, with amazing views lies the Fishriver Lodge.

The rest camp AiAis is situated at the southern tip of the Fish River and offers hot thermal springs and rustic accommodation.