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Namibia’s capital, Windhoek, is found in the middle of the country and is surrounded by the Khomas Highland, Auas- and Eros Mountains. This cosmopolitan town is situated 1.650 metres above sea level and counts, according to the last census, 500.000 inhabitants. Hot days and cooler nights are typical for the prevailing semi-desert climate.

The main shopping street of town is the 'Independence Avenue'. A pedestrian mall with European street and garden cafés, an interesting meteorite fountain and a park with green lawns create a relaxing and cosy atmosphere.

The cityscape of Windhoek is a mixture of modern constructions and historic buildings, built in turn of the century German architectural style. Some examples are the so-called “Tintenpalast” (ink palace) then as now the seat of the government, the Lutheran church – symbol of Windhoek – as well as the „Old Fort“, a former army fort and the oldest building in town.

In the pedestrian mall as well as in the Craft Centre local arts and crafts are offered for sale. The city centre can comfortably be explored on foot. Taxis are the local mode of transport.

Different operators offer city tours and excursions into the surrounding areas.

A large variety of guest houses, lodges and hotels catering for every budget,  can be found in Windhoek.