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This popular holiday town at the cool Atlantic Ocean was founded in 1892 by the German colonial power and used to serve as harbour town of South West Africa for some of years.

Green gardens, promenades and palm avenues give Swakopmund it’s relaxing and charming atmosphere. The well-maintained Jugendstil buildings from the German colonial era characterise the town scape and offer lovely motives for photos. Many buildings have been declared as national monument for example the station, the old magistrate’s court, the Woermann House, the Hohenzollern House, the Protestant-Lutheran church, the former jail and many more.

The town’s landmark is the impressive light house as well as the Jetty. Swakopmund town centre is well-arranged and has been developed very pedestrian friendly thus the town can be well explored on foot.

Weather wise Swakopmund tends to be foggy, windy and cool and the cold Atlantic Ocean is only suitable for a swim during the hot summer months (Dec/Jan). On the other hand it rains less than 10 days a year – if that much. Right on the outskirts a picturesque dune landscape commences which stretches all the way to Walvis Bay and which is ideal for 4x4 dune or beach drives or for quad biking. Some parts of the area are under strict protection in order to protect the sensitive flora and fauna of the Namib Desert.

Various local tour operators offer excursions and activities in the vicinity. Swakopmund also offers an extensive variety of guest houses, lodges and hotels catering for every budget.