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Privately guided tour through the Zambezi Region


Out first journey through Namibia has fulfilled all our expectations. Everything was perfectly organised and we were very happy. Our guided tour led us to Etosha (where we saw masses of elephants) , than through the Kavango & Zambezi Region to Kasane in Botswana.

Our Tourguide Gesa led us cautiously from place to place. She is armed with extensive knowledge about Namibia and is a very pleasant and dear lady.

Every lodge we visited had its own flair and therefore we always experienced something different. What stood out was the cleanliness & friendliness of the people of Namibia.

At Chobe Marina Lodge we were shocked about the mass tourism, but it was nevertheless an experience. Thanks to your information we could also view Victoria Falls in all its glory; first during a helicopter flight and next day during a walk along the gigantic waterfalls.

Thanks to your perfect planning we could experience this awesome trip. These memories will probably accompany us throughout the rest of our lives.

Brigitta, Albert, Margit & Anton

Austria – April 2024

Highlights in the South of Namibia and the Kgalaga...

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